The Custom Blend

Blended to decrease anxiety, improve sleep, alleviate pain and improve range of motion, and many more benefits of massage! Therapeutic and Relaxation techniques are both used throughout. Leave feeling lighter, looser, and ready for the day!

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Therapeutic techniques enhanced with active isolated stretching. Helps to increase flexibility, reduce risk of injury. Sombra warm therapy used for specific areas were needed.

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Full Body Hot Stone Massage

Lay back and enjoy this ultimate way to relax. Warm stones are used throughout to help reduce stress, release toxins and for 60 or 90 minutes take you away from everyday life.

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Reflexology of the Feet

This massage is primarily focused on the feet. Refex points correspond to different organs and glands, pressure is applied to these points to help generate healing and general feeling of well-being.

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The Back Attack

This service is designed for those who suffer primarily with tight shoulders, tight sore neck and, range of motion issues with turning the head. Deep therapeutic massage techniques are applied to help break up adhesion’s and release muscle tension.

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Sinus Soother

For those to tend to suffer with sinus headaches/pressure and need instant relief. Massage is applied to the face, scalp and neck. Warm neck roll is used and well as warm towels and aromatherapy. A must for sinus sufferers.

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Clients scheduled are customarily contacted via text as a reminder 24 hours prior to appointments. Healing Heights respects that a text message can be missed. However, Healing Heights reserves the right to not accept or schedule those who’ve missed 2 or more scheduled appointments without notifying us following the standard reminder text message.